In an effort to contribute to society, we wish to take initiatives to further two social goals very close to our hearts. We will work hand-in-hand with NGOs, social groups and members of society to forge an effective partnership.

Empowering Children to Discover Their True Potential

We believe that the children of today are the architects of our future. So nurturing them is the best investment we can make to secure the future. Vedic foundation’s efforts in furthering social causes are mainly focused on empowering children and creating an environment for them that is safe, loving, nourishing and motivating.

We also believe that the most significant discoveries that a child makes is through self discovery. Hence, we strive to create environments for these discoveries to happen and to enable children to enjoy the excitement of discovering something new through their own efforts. And such discoveries about themselves and about the world they see will help reveal their true nature- sensitive, beautiful, all accepting and that which is always focused on self refinement.

Through our interactions with students across social classes and geographical locations, we discovered that in the current mainstream pedagogical systems, these paths to self discovery are fast disappearing. Children are appreciated more for reproducing straight out of their textbooks than for their ability to innovate. Creativity is dying and with that the potential within these young minds to change the world.

Our Initiatives

Our initiatives target lower primary schools in rural villages of Karnataka, where a few hands reach for help. We mainly work on filling two gaps through our initiatives – Genuine need of materials (books, libraries, stationary, learning aids etc) and empowering children for self discovery and holistic living.

Here are a few of our major initiatives-

Notebooks and Stationary Drive– Each year we distribute notebooks and stationary to hundreds of children to sustain their needs through the year. More recently, we have started running this drive twice a year owing to greater demands.

Toys Drive– Come December, and we love to play Santa! Our toys bring joy and aspiration into the lives of hundreds of underprivileged children. We believe that toys fill an important space in a child’s life, especially in their growing years. They are not just objects of entertainment, but are instruments that have the potential to influence young minds and their aspirations.

Library Project– Stories play a very important role in opening young minds to new worlds. Books then become like keyholes through which they can look and belong to a world that’s different from their own, and learn from them. Have completed the work in one school and two more are in pipeline. Inspection of the library records and interaction with the kids on periodic basis is a must to see if the library is lively and functional.

Yoga & Meditation– This is a project to introduce kids to various dimensions of their being(Holistic living, meditation, yoga etc)Only pilots have been conducted and the program is in design phase.

Hygiene and You– Hygiene plays an important part in the physical well being of a child. Through role plays and workshops we introduce them to safe practices and a healthy lifestyle. As a first step in this direction, we conduct water awareness days in schools and distribute safe drinking water bottles and water storage units.

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