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Suryodaya is a Vedic Foundation initiative to promote and encourage innovation in the field of child education.


We intend to adopt and sustain innovative methods and technological solutions that simplify teaching and learning process in rural schools.


  • We have often noticed a huge communication gap between parents and teachers in rural schools.
  • Parents cannot promptly and easily make it to Parents teachers meetings. Most of them go to work and are day labourers and taking an off would sometimes mean not having meal.
  • Some of them are illiterate and cannot read the notes and messages that teachers send home regarding the child or school related activities.
  • Also, Lady teachers working in lower primary schools have trouble facing drunk parents (father).
  • The problem becomes more intense in lower primary schools where children are too young to be able to convey messages clearly and correctly.
  • Owing to all these reasons, a grey area and vagueness sets up in the minds of parents about their children's school life. There is no active participation from their side and children suffer neglect, unresponsiveness and lack of motivation to connect with their parents on study and school matters.


  • Vedic Foundation has collaborated with Induj Innovations ( to bridge the communication gap between Parents and Teachers in Rural schools through EasyConnect.
  • EasyConnect is Indian language based Social Network for Teachers and Parents in Rural Schools.
  • Using EasyConnect Teachers can instantly connect with ALL Parents whenever required, wherever they are!
  • Send information as Voice messages in Local Language so it is easy to understand
  • EasyConnect works on any mobile handset & network, No Internet, No Training required!
  • Messages can be Important Announcements, useful information and regular updates
  • Topics can include Child safety, Care for girl child, Health and Hygiene, Positive parenting, School and community Development activities etc.
  • EasyConnect is first of its kind in entire India and is scalable for thousands of rural schools.

How it works?:

  • Teachers call EasyConnect number and record their message. Then EasyConnect’s Cloud based Voice Network automatically calls every Parent on the list and delivers the voice message.

EasyConnect launch in Rural Schools

  • EasyConnect was launched simulteneously in two government lower primary schools in Bangarpet, Kolar.
  • We are humbled to note that the event was covered by various news papers including The Hindu, Samyuktha Karnataka, Prajavaani and several others.

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